Kamin Vollpension
Vollpension in der MUK
Frühstück Vollpension
Frühstück Vollpension
Erbschleicher Frühstück Vollpension
Frühstück Vollpension

Johannesgasse 4A

A–1010 Wien

Mo-So 08:00-18:00


Granny’s apple strudel, music and art from Vienna – close to St. Stephan’s Cathedral

In October 2019, we opened our second Vollpension café in the first district in a very special atmosphere between the State Opera and St. Stephan’s Cathedral. What do granny’s best pastries and Vienna’s art and music tradition have in common? Both connect and bring together people from all around the world. Reason enough to open a Vollpension café at MUK and the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna. Our Vollpension café right in the middle of the first district not only has granny’s and grandpa’s cakes, but also a lot of granny love from our working seniors. Our Vollpension café has a special guest room: a musical salon filled with a heated neon fireplace, the autograph collection “Gerlinde” and a grand cake piano made of glass. What are you waiting for? Come by for a cup of coffee, we’d love to have you!