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We look forward to spoiling you in Grandma's public living room!

❤️ Take a look at our menu for Schleifmühlgasse or Johannesgasse.


❤️ You can reserve a seat either inside or outside. If the weather is too bad for a stay outside, we will do our best to find you a seat inside. owever, depending on capacity availability, we cannot guarantee this.


❤️ From Monday to Friday, Johannesgasse offers a daily changing lunch menu.


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Erbschleicher Frühstück Vollpension
Vollpension Schleifmühlgasse
Frühstück Vollpension
Frühstück Vollpension
Frühstück Vollpension
Kamin Vollpension
Frühstück Vollpension
Vollpension Schleifmühlgasse
Frühstück Vollpension
Frühstück Vollpension


Still have questions? We got the answers!

How can I book for groups of more than 6 people?

If you are more than 6 people, please send us a message via our contact form.

I want to book a table for two, but it only works for four or more people!

We only have a limited number of tables for two in our cafés. If you can no longer reserve for two people on one day, all tables for two are already full. Either you look for another day, or you write us an enquiry and we will seat you at a larger table, where you may be joined by other guests.

I want to book on one day, but I can't.

Then all tables are already reserved on that day. But: We never reserve the entire restaurant, so feel free to drop by spontaneously and we’ll do our best to find a place for you!

Are vegan dishes also available?

Yes, we also have vegan versions of our breakfast packages and, of course, vegan pastries. Just ask our service staff on site, they will be happy to give you more information.

Are dogs allowed?

In Schleifmühlgasse yes, we look forward to seeing your four-legged friends!
Unfortunately not in Johannesgasse!

What is the social business behind Vollpension?

The mission of Vollpension is “We bring together what belongs together: old, young, grumpy, funny, colourful, grey, quiet, loud and EVERYONE in between”. Because our vision is to have fewer people with the fate of being “old, poor and alone”. With your visit, you make a significant contribution to achieving our mission, because every visit pays into new jobs for senior citizens. Find out more about our social impact here.