Reservation 1st district

Reservation Café 1st district

We have two different menus in our café in the 1st district:


❤️ From Monday to Friday you can enjoy our cakes, Buchteln and breakfast combos and a daily changing lunch menu á la carte. Here is the menu.


❤️ On Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy our timed packages including a flat rate for hot and cold drinks, you can find the menu here. And only on weekends we serve fresh vegan Buchteln – but only while stocks last!


❤️ You can book a table inside or outside. If the weather is too bad for sitting outside, we will try our best to find you a place inside. However, depending on how busy it is, we can’t guarantee it.


❤️ Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at Johannesgasse.



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Erbschleicher Frühstück Vollpension
Vollpension in der MUK
Frühstück Vollpension
Frühstück Vollpension
Kamin Vollpension
Frühstück Vollpension
Vollpension in der MUK
Frühstück Vollpension
Frühstück Vollpension
Vollpension in der MUK
Frühstück Vollpension


Any questions? We got all the answers for you!

How can I book for groups of more than 10 people?

If you are more than 10 people, please write us a message via our contact form.

Are dogs allowed at the café in the 1st district?

Unfortunately, no.

I want to reserve a table for two, but it only works for four people!

We only have a limited number of tables for 2 in our cafes. If you can’t make a reservation for two people on one day, all tables for 2 are already full. Either you look for another day. Or you can make a reservation for four people, in which case we will add someone to your table.

I already know when I make the reservation that I would like to stay longer than that. What should I do?

Reserve the table in the length you want to stay with us (note that we give tables for a maximum of 120 minutes).

I want to book on a day, but it does not work.

Grandma is sorry, but then we are already full that day.

Please also check out our second location in the 4th district!

Are there also vegan dishes?

Yes, we also have vegan variants of our breakfast packages. Our “Erbschleicher” breakfast is also available vegan. Just ask our service staff on site, they will be happy to provide information.

Is there anything savory to eat away from breakfast?

From Monday to Friday there is a limited lunch menu. What exactly is available, you can find out on our board or from our service staff.

What's the social business behind Vollpension?

The mission of the Vollpension is “We bring together what belongs together: old, young, grumpy, funny, colorful, gray, quiet, loud and EVERYONE in between”. Because our vision is to have less people with the destiny “old, poor and alone”. With your visit you contribute significantly to the achievement of our mission, because every visit pays into new jobs for seniors. Find out more about our social impact here.