So different and yet together

We could say thank you to so many individuals here, but we prefer to do this in person from time to time, because otherwise, you lovely readers would keep reading names forever. And all of us still have a lot in mind to do to save the world.

Nevertheless, we want to take a moment to say here: it is incredibly wonderful to have so many fantastic people around us, and to see how each and every one of them does their part to fight against loneliness and poverty in old age, to ensure better relations between old and young, and in general between us human beings in order to open up spaces for togetherness, and to make social innovations possible.

We are convinced that this world can only change for the better if different people, different organisations and different sectors bring their perspectives together, and create innovation through cooperation. Without our partners, we would not exist – that’s absolutely clear, and with our partners we feel strong enough to change this world for the better. All of you are incredibly wonderful! Thank you!

Impact partners

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BakAdemy production credits:

Production management, director: Manuel Gruber (stereochrome)

Live cut, visuals: Oliver Capuder

Art direction and concept: Moriz Piffl

Camera: Michael Rottmann, Florian Hofer


Gaffer: Jakob Slavicek (Lichtwerk Graz)

Lighting technician: Paul Huebl

On-set sound: Tjandra Warsosumarto


Make-up artist: Susu Babolleh

Set styling: Martina Cerny (

Prop master: Birgit Fischer (

Costumes: Florian Oppitz, Ilbra Babolleh, Karin Schön, Nadine Gurtner (

Baking supervision: Noelle Sahillioglu

Granny supervision: David Haller

Studio design: Sebastian Rahs, Moriz Piffl

Studio construction: Sebastian Rahs, Benjamin Gahn, Georg Schörg, Stephan Cziszar

Photography: Mark Glassner

Soundtrack: Johanna Gossner, Damian Keller, Tobias Meissl (MUK)

Sound engineer soundtrack: Felix Kirsch

Studio technology: Christoph Mair

Production assistance: Bernhard Wladowski, Simon Gruber

Content consulting: Veronika Stabinger


BakAdemy Postproduction credits:

Postproduction coordination: Manuel Gruber

Cut: Oliver Capuder

Audio supervision, sound design, mix: Mario Wienerroither

Motion graphics: Stefan Salcher, Markus Wagner, Martin Lorenz (LWZ)

Colour grading: Daniel Hollerweger, Andreas Daxer (Studio Embel)

Storage solution consultant: Erwin Hiess


Expanded crew OMC

Additional cameras OMC Weihnachtskeks (Christmas cookies): Alexander Püringer, Adrian Bidron

Additional sound Weihnachtskeks (Christmas cookies): Alexander Wieser


Partner and promotion shoot

Camera: Philipp Krebs

Sound: Tong Zhang, Sergey Martynyuk, Alexander Wieser

Lighting engineer: Manuel Prett

Make-up: Kordula Lingler, Tamara Pomper

Cut: Arne Nostitz


Oma 2412 book

Project management, creative direction: Moriz Piffl-Percevic

Concept, texts (excluding recipes): Michael Wittmann, Lisa Edelbacher

Photography: Mark Glassner

Set styling: Martina Cerny, Birgit Fischer (

Book design: Manuel Radde

Illustrations: LWZ (Stefan Salcher, Markus Wagner)

Text support: life stories Christoph Wagner

Editing: Jakob Dibold

Project assistant: Simon Gruber

Print: Print Alliance HAV Produktions GmbH


Recipe card sets

Project management: Hannah Lux & Moriz Piffl-Percevic

Recipe texts: Noelle Sahillioglu & Veronika Stabinger

Photography: Mark Glassner

Set styling: Martina Cerny, Birgit Fischer (

Layout: LWZ (Stefan Salcher, Markus Wagner)

Project assistant: Simon Gruber

Card print:

Box print:


Corona-crisis saviours 2020 – without you, we would never have made it:


In 2020, you supported us with your contributions either as crowdfunders or in our “Conda-helps” campaign as crowd investors. And not only did you invest your money, you also gave us lots of courage and provided us with positive “keep on going” vibes. We thank you so much for this, and among others we thank…


Anna Wohlesser, Teresa Reiter, Marieta Schidrich, Rainhard Fuchs, Bettina Scheucher, Janine Kops, Veronika Binder, Claudia Fembek, Sabine Pfefferkorn, Gerlinde Kosits, Stefanie Kirwald, Daniela Smetana, Ulrike Karlinger, Melanie Konrad, Dana Alexandra Eremia, Irene Krispel, Lena Lux, Heiko Zahn, Noelle Sahillioglu, Walburga Fröhlich, Cora Roiser, Peter Friedrich, Theresa Beran, Hans-Dieter Beran, Angela Heim, Corinna Marschalek, Susanne Weichinger, Birgit Haas-Turian, Mirjam Altersberger, Peter Riegel, Thomas Pribitzer, David Roetzer, Ursula Gruber, Sieglinde Tarmann, Judith Sioeberg, Doris Hiesinger, Helfried Kreuzer, zimtfilm e.U. Matthias Gritsch, Peter Krenmayr, Helga Montecuccoli, Reinhard Scholda, Rainer Reich, Sandra Ruf, Christa Fuehrer, Familie Schachinger, David Haller, Roberta Tumpel, Sarah Sierra, Alexander Neuner, Daniela Bichiou, Verena Stienitzka, Michael Hilbert, Jutta Kurfirst, Gerhard Jungwirth, Patrick Kirchmayr, Karin Schetelig, Sören Appel, Waltraud Bieringer, Hugo Gold, Kathrin Wiesendorfer, Marlene Schwarz, Erich Striessnig, Michael Osinger, Petra Hechenberger, Olivia Ulbing | oha! communications, Ursula Schmitz, Bettina Bernklau, Florian Fuchs, Michael Gartner, Emanuel Gollob, Bernd Nussbaumer, Siri Repe, Kathrin Scheibelreiter, Gesine Görlich-Fletzberger, Inge Siegl, Michael Fürmann, Olga Mets, Christian Bulfon, Nina Musil