Our team

Many different people make our Vollpension possible and bring it to life: Julia Krenmayr, Moriz Piffl-Percevic and Hannah Lux as social entrepreneurs, and protectors and drivers of the Vollpension vision.

All of us grew up in the countryside with our grandparents, and experienced the generations working and living together on a daily basis. And it worked. The old learn from the young, the young from the old – completely logical and natural, something that had a great positive impact on our lives and formed our strong roots, which we began to miss in the big city jungle of Vienna.

We have in common this urge to contribute to our society, along with grandma’s wonderful cake. It helped us to get through many ups and downs of life together in the last couple of years.

We are a colourful team of old and young at Vollpension. The youngest employee is 20, the oldest 84. 12 different languages are spoken, but that’s nothing to keep us from having a lot of fun together. Each and every one of us fulfils an important role to keep this thing going.

Since we cannot name all 80 people on our team, we decided on an excerpt to give you an overview of the people who have special responsibilities in our Vollpension universe.

Julia Krenmayr, Managing director, co-founder


Julia has been with Vollpension from the beginning.
She co-founded the pop-up project in 2012, and is an absolute hands-on doer. As managing director, she is responsible for the gastronomy segment in our company and so for our Generationencafés, as a generation manager, she is responsible for all HR issues in our Vollpension universe.
Julia is an expert on generation-bridging togetherness and old-age employment. In a social business company, special processes and structures are absolutely necessary in order to make economics, gastronomy and social impact all work properly together. Julia’s great passion is to learn more about these processes and structures by doing things together and employing a lot of sensitivity and a feeling for social dynamics.

She is a trained art therapist and studied organisational development, using all that knowledge to bring a lot of creativity, art and systematic aspects to our daily work life. Julia is the one person in our team who implements large and small projects step by step, and who always stays calm, no matter how high emotions climb. She sees situations from a matter-of-fact point of view, always giving emotions enough room, but putting them in the right perspective.

For more information on Julia click here.

Moriz Piffl-Percevic, shareholder and idea provider

Moriz is the artistically creative design mind of Vollpension. Word mark, language, design and branding originated in his brain; he loves to get creative groups together and lead them in order to create consistent brand space.
Mo always thinks outside of the box (genius and lunacy are always close together!), has about 200 ideas per minute, and has a never-ending drive to move forward, believe in us and expand our vision. Mo is a passionate creative and social entrepreneur, and has founded numerous companies in different industries and countries over the past 20 years. In addition to the creative world in our granny team, he has also been responsible for the commercial management since the first lockdown.

Vollpension is Moriz’s absolute favourite project, which most likely is due to his grandmother, “Mother Mayr” from Mauterndorf, Salzburg, who has definitely been a great inspiration for him with her family-owned Hotel Post in Mauterndorf, and who held three guest lectures at the BakAdemy (1,2,3). Moriz is creative director of BakAdemy and together with Manuel Gruber, took over its project management.

Moriz created Vollpension together with his then partner Mike Lanner as a pop-up during the Vienna Design Week 2012, and then he brought Julia, David, and in 2014, Hannah on board.

Hannah Lux, Managing director, co-founder

Hannah came on board in 2014 as co-founder and co-entrepreneur, and since then she has been managing director of Vollpension. Her goal for Vollpension is to create meeting places for different kinds of people on the same eye and heart levels, and bring them in contact with each other. Hanna always finds new solutions by building bridges between different people, but also between the social and financial goals of our company, and the basis for all this is establishing and living a new form of working together as the centre of our company’s activities. In several projects, she’s already had the chance to live out her passion for bringing different perspectives together and bringing down-to-earth, socially relevant ideas. All this has made her an expert in social entrepreneurship, social innovation and political entrepreneurship over the past 10 years.
Hannah drives our vision forward by investing a lot of heart and soul, always asking why, and being responsible for Vollpension’s purpose, partnerships and financing, and communicates our activities internally and externally with lots of passion.

David Haller, Social grannyniser, co-founder

David has been with Vollpension from the beginning and from its pop-up times onwards. He took over many different roles and has been a rock in our Vollpension universe.
He studied journalism and international development, worked for an event agency, and for almost six years entertained audiences as a comedian on many stages in Austria. Deep in his heart he had an unconditional love for his granny, and Vollpension is a project he has always wanted to implement. Because of this, he’s done everything in our Vollpension that you can possibly do. What he does best (says David about himself) is be a grandma whisperer. Warmheartedly, charmingly and with a lot of wit he always keeps our seniors entertained, navigates them skilfully through our Vollpension jungle with all its challenges and the constant new tasks. In his role as “spirit”, he relentlessly embodies the Vollpension spirit and is a role model, therefore contributing so much to keeping the old-young team together.
Some even think that he IS Vollpension. (Source: David himself. Again.)
But best not to tell him too often, since his self-esteem is very high, almost unhealthily so. 🙂

Manuel Gruber, Managing Director Generationendialog GmbH

Manuel came to us in spring 2020 and played a significant role in implementing Vollpension’s BakAdemy. Today, he is Managing Director of the newly founded Vollpension Generationendialog GmbH, which covers all business areas other than gastronomy. This includes the operation of BakAdemy, the Vollpension studios, partner cooperations and, of course, media projects such as books or TV format development. This is actually his background: content production. Manuel studied TV production and journalism, and until 2020, he had his own production company which was responsible for the implementation of more than 15 hours of BakAdemy content, and for our first TV format.