Humanity and togetherness!

Humanity and togetherness!

Our vision

Especially in big cities, there aren’t many areas of contact between old and young. In the era of digitalisation and a very-often-anonymous everyday life, the gap between generations is becoming increasingly bigger.

In the western world in particular, more and more older people are living alone. And poverty is p becoming an ever bigger problem for older people.

Vollpension Schleifmühlgasse

This is where we come into play:

Our mission at Vollpension is to create meeting and learning areas for new types of co-operation and togetherness among old and young. Nobody should be alone when growing old. Everybody has something to give, and everybody can contribute to living together in a good way. We see our Vollpension as an impetus for older people to become an active and firmly integrated, valuable part of our society.

Our generation café:

Granny’s public living room for old and young. A place for generations, where we crate workplaces suitable and positive for old and young. A place where we support seniors on their way out of financial and contact poverty.


We see our Vollpension as paradoxical and humorous, but also as honest and a humane intervention. It is an easy-going social stimulus on growing old. It shows that economic activities and (social) entrepreneurship, with the humanity factor at the centre, enhanced by the old-age factor, can bring joy and function sustainably.

Together in the now

Our vision is a world in which old and young learn with and from each other at eye-level, live our lives together and help each other. A society whose daily actions are based on humanity and respect for the old and young, coming from the bottom of our hearts. Togetherness comes before separation. There is no room in our society for loneliness and old-age poverty.

It is the older people who have brought us to this point in time. We learn from and with them. And develop our humanity with the transformative power of something new.