Reservation 4th district

Reservation Café 4th district

In the Vollpension generationcafé you book time with the grandma - coffee, tea and sodas are included in all packages without limit. The packages include different amounts of time and different meals.

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❤️ We exclusively reserve our indoor guest room. If the weather plays along and a place is free, you can of course also sit outside. Please discuss this with our service staff on site, thank you!


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Any questions? We hope the following answers make everything clear!

How can I book for groups of more than 10 people?

If you are more than 10 people, please write us a message via our contact form.

What packages are available for 60, 90 and 120 minutes?

Our beverage flatrate is included in every package: unlimited organic ice tea, lemonade, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.



  • Beverage flatrate & cake package or
  • Beverage flatrate & Buchtel package oder
  • Beverage flatrate & small breakfast

  • Beverage flatrate & large breakfast

  • Beverage flatrate & “Erbschleicher” breakfast



Why can't I just order a coffee - like everywhere else?

That is quite simple. With us it is not like everywhere else. With us, cakes are baked by grandma directly on site and we pursue a social mission. It is all the more important to us – especially in times of massive inflation – that our coffee house is crisis-proof and that we can maintain the jobs of our senior citizens and create new ones. With our packages you get a very good price/performance ratio and as much organic iced tea, lemonade, coffee, tea and cocoa as you can drink. We get planning security and stability. We hope you’ll come visit us soon and see grandma’s cake for yourself. Details above. You can find more about our social impact here.


What's the social business behind Vollpension?

The mission of the Vollpension is “We bring together what belongs together: old, young, grumpy, funny, colorful, gray, quiet, loud and EVERYONE in between”. Because our vision is to have less people with the destiny “old, poor and alone”. With your visit you contribute significantly to the achievement of our mission, because every visit pays into new jobs for seniors. Find out more about our social impact here.

I want to reserve a table for two, but it only works for four people!

We only have a limited number of tables for 2 in our cafes. If you can’t make a reservation for two people on one day, all tables for 2 are already full. Either you look for another day. Or you can make a reservation for four people, in which case we will add someone to your table.

Can I book individual things in addition to my package?

Of course, if you order, for example, a small breakfast with us and still want a cake extra, it is possible. Just ask our service staff on site.

I already know when I make the reservation that I would like to stay longer than indicated in my package. What should I do?

Reserve the table in the length you want to stay with us (note that we give tables for a maximum of 120 minutes). We will have to charge you for the extension of your booked package.

I would like to spontaneously stay longer than I booked in my package. Is that possible?

Yes, there is always the possibility to extend on site – provided that the table is not reserved again afterwards. We are a generational café where 50% of our employees are senior citizens who earn extra money on top of their minimum pension. We are therefore even more dependent on thinking economically and making the best possible use of our locations.

Do children have to pay the full package price?

No, of course not. Children up to the age of 6 are included in their parents’ flatrate drinks and individual meals can be ordered for an additional charge. Children from 6 to 12 years pay only half price.

I want to book on a day, but it does not work.

Grandma is sorry, but then we are already full that day.

Please also check out our second location in the 1st district.

Are there also vegan dishes?

Yes, we also have vegan variants of our breakfast packages. Our “Erbschleicher” breakfast is also available vegan. Just ask our service staff on site, they will be happy to provide information.

Is there anything savory to eat away from breakfast?

Yes, toast. Just ask our service staff on site.