Grannies Wanted:
We're looking for online baking teachers!

We are looking for the best granny bakers in the world! Apply now to be an online teacher in the “Vollpension BakAdemy”!

Grannies Wanted:
We're looking for online baking teachers!

We are looking for the best granny bakers in the world! Apply now to be an online teacher in the “Vollpension BakAdemy”!

Apply as an online baking teacher, and earn extra money!

What is “Bake Against Poverty”?

Why we're looking for you:
“Vollpension BakAdemy” is an e-learning platform for seniors to provide baking courses. We now invite grandmas and grandpas all over the world to apply as baking teachers to earn additional income and have contact with people who are interested in baking.

Apply now!

Are you over 65, have a family recipe you want to share with the world, and are interested in teaching young bakers-to-be all over the world how to bake? We are looking forward to your application!

Vollpension BakAdemy – renowned from radio and TV broadcasts!

Who can apply?

You are in the right place if the following applies to you:
- You are over 65 years old.
- You have a recipe for a pastry or a dessert you want to share with the world.
- You are living alone and/or can use some extra money.

Why should I apply?

Earn money online from home
Your knowledge and your experience in baking are worth their weight in gold! Earn some extra money right from your kitchen at home.
Exchange ideas with young baking afficionados
Share your knowledge with up to eight participants per course, and make new contacts every week.
Learn new digital skills
You never stop learning. We teach you how to use a smartphone and a tablet, and how you can benefit from the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding your application

What does a live baking course look like?

While giving a live baking course, you connect by mobile phone, tablet or home computer to a video call with up to eight participants from all over the world, right from your own home. You have about 1 to 2 hours to teach them your recipe of a pastry or dessert, and they follow you step by step. At the end of the course, you all try your results together, and the participants pay you via the BakAdemy platform for your work as a live-baking granny.


Click here to have a look at our current live baking courses.

What does the application process look like?

The application process has several levels:

  1. Apply via this link: Application link
    You will receive an answer from us as soon as possible telling you if you have made it into the second round.
  2. In the next rounds we ask you for some additional information.
  3. If you are accepted, you will receive comprehensive training to become a live-baking granny.
  4. As of end of November 2021, our first international live baking courses went online.
I have no knowledge about modern technology, can I apply anyway?

If you have experience using a smartphone or a tablet, this is a benefit. But even if you are not that skilled with modern technologies, you can still apply. If you are accepted, you will get comprehensive training in order to be able to do the live baking courses from home.

How much can I earn?

3-8 people take part in live baking courses, each paying a € 29.90 participation fee. Our plan is that you can keep 50% of the returns from your live baking course. The other half we will use for maintaining the platform, to train you and the other online baking teachers, and to support and promote your courses.

Until when can I apply?

You can apply any time under this link.

Which language will be used for the courses?

We try to provide the courses in as many languages as possible, so you can tell us which languages you speak.

Which language should I use to apply?

Even if you are going to provide courses in another language, the application must be in English (or German). If you want to apply now, but you do not speak English or German, perhaps you can get some help from a relative or a friend who can translate your application into one of these two languages.

Can grandpas also apply?

Sure! We are looking forward to applications from any gender!

Apply now!

You are over 65 years old and have a recipe for a pastry or a dessert you want to share with the world? Please, do get in touch!

About Vollpension

Since 2012, Vollpension has been developing solutions for the challenges of old-age poverty, isolation and the increasing gap between generations in Vienna, Austria, and additionally is a leader in this topic in the German-speaking region. Our core topics of old-age poverty and isolation among the elderly have never been more relevant than today.

Our "Generationencafés" (or, as we like to call them, generation-bridging cafés) had on average 200,000 guests per year up until 2020. Then the corona crisis hit us all, and Vollpension, quite severe. Shortly before we had to shut everything down, we fled to the internet with all 45 of our seniors – and that with success! Now we want to move the formula we developed last year – seniors earning extra money by sharing their knowledge about baking on the internet – out into the world.

The present project brings us one small slice of cake closer to our vision that not a single person needs to grow old in poverty and isolation by drawing attention to old-age poverty, and by providing seniors all over the world with the opportunity to earn money online.

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